HOPE CRANES is a single person owned small business with products handmade by a sole creator named Katie Lewis. 

A few years back a dear friend of mine taught me how to fold my first paper crane as well as the deep symbolism behind the folding process of the crane. She said she folds each crane thinking of someone specific and to fold each crane with love for them. I found that to be the most beautiful craft and became obsessed with folding cranes and pouring my love into each one I fold. 

I also loved the stories and symbolism behind the cranes. Although it began in Japan, the paper crane’s popularity has grown worldwide and symbolizes longevity, good fortune, good health, love, and hope. Each crane I fold I hope for these things for the person who purchases, gifts, wears my earrings or displays my other creations. This is why I named my company Hope Cranes. 

about hope cranes

I was also inspired by the traditions of Senbazuru, which says a person who folds 1000 origami cranes will be granted a wish.

It is my hope that when I reach a thousand paper cranes I will have sold enough products to be able to make a donation to a charity in need. The underlying meaning of the name Hope Cranes is that it is a company that gives hope to others therefore it gives back when it finds an identifiable need and it is able to give.