Single Crane Dangle Earrings (E1C3BS1)


Sterling silver hook dangle earrings. Each earring is adorned with a rich, dark floral Japanese Chiyogami Yuzen Origami paper crane and 3 small black and silver metal beads.

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These beautiful dangle paper crane earrings are hand-folded using a rich, dark floral Japanese Chiyogami Yuzen Origami paper. The single crane is then hand painted a crystal clear UV resin hard top coat finish for added strength, longevity, and water resistance (not waterproof see FAQs). Each earring uses stamped 925 sterling silver hypoallergenic earring hooks and has three small metal beads (2 black and 1 silver) for added design and style.

***If you see an item that has already been SOLD I may be able to re-created it if I still have the same or similar paper, beads, or crystals. Please send me a message with the name/SKU of the sold piece and any inquiries, I am happy to help create another pair as close to the sold one as possible.

***Custom bead colors and paper styles are also available, completely build-to-suit, on request. Contact me today for a special pair to meet your needs. Just note that these will take about an extra week to create/ship.


  • Dangle earring design for added movement and sparkle
  • 925 stamped sterling silver hooks
  • All jewelry hardware is nickel-free
  • Japanese Washi origami paper
  • Authentic Vintage Austrian crystals
  • Yieho UV Resin Crystal Clear Hard Type
  • Dragonfly Glaze Color Changing Top Coat Violet-Blue-Green Shift
  • Each crane is 2 ¼ cm wide and the earring hangs 1 ½ ” long
  • Each earring weighs 0.1oz

What the Origami Cranes Stand For:

Although it began in Japan, the paper crane’s popularity has grown worldwide and symbolizes longevity, good fortune, good health, love, and hope. Each crane I fold I hope for these things for the person who purchases, gifts, wears my earrings or displays my other creations. It is also a legend that a person who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish. It is my hope that when I reach a thousand paper cranes I will have sold enough products to be able to make a donation to a charity in need. This is why I named my company Hope Cranes.